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Keeping Your Event Space Fresh

Maintaining an event venue requires investment, determination, and commitment—it can be exhausting! There are trends to follow, high standards to meet, and crowds of guests to manage. While it can be a challenge, great management and maintenance of a space definitely pays off in great reviews, happy clients, and demand for future reservations. Here’s how it all happens:

Begin with daily walk-throughs

In order to ensure that everything looks great and is operating properly, daily walk-throughs are critical. Establish a system of checking regularly to make sure that light bulbs are functioning, restrooms are sparkling, and windows and glass panes are free from fingerprints. Assign a staff member the responsibility of walking the space before each event starts to ensure that all setup materials have been stored out of sight and everything is in place. Events are highly photographed, so you want your venue always shown at its best.

Make your space trend-friendly

Only make major changes or purchases for the right reasons. Fads are, by their very nature, fleeting. If you invest massive capital pursuing a trend, it better be one that will last. When it comes to major renovations, aim for a timeless look that you can update with accents over time, but that will still be fresh and relevant in years to come.

If you are experiencing a high demand for elements of a certain trend, think about what you can do to incorporate some aspects of it in a wise way. Instead of purchasing all “new” vintage furniture, make an arrangement with a specialty rental company to display some of their pieces in your space. Your clients will see the venue in the best possible light, and you have a product you can upsell to the benefit of both companies.

A blank space is going to have a greater universal appeal than one that is strongly themed. Show your prospective clients that you value their unique style, and that, within reason, you are ready to accommodate their look.

Photo Emily Steven Photography for Wente Vineyards

Establish a maintenance schedule & stick to It

Regular maintenance of property and fixtures goes a long way toward keeping a space fresh. A maintenance request form allows all of your staff to take ownership for the condition of the property by submitting anything they see that needs to be addressed. Designate one person on your staff to receive and manage reports and reward your team for noticing and reporting maintenance needs, and especially safety issues.

Create a long-term major update schedule

The day-to-day operations of a space can take a lot of brainpower. Do yourself a favor and in the quieter times, set up a schedule of those major updates that need to be made every 1, 5 or 10 years. Having a schedule will not only ensure that you remember to address them, but it will also be invaluable when you create long-term budget plans.

For example, how often will you take a look at indoor or outdoor paint maintenance? When will you consider installing new lighting? You should evaluate your décor annually and update as needed to stay in line with important design demands. Some of the updates will be simple and inexpensive to address, while others will be more involved.

The keys to keeping your event space fresh are teamwork and dedication. Whether the changes are as simple as switching out lighting fixtures or as monumental as major renovations, if you simply establish a system and a culture in your team that supports keeping your facility top-notch, your hard work will have the type of impact you desire.

Heather Jones is the Catering Sales Director for Wente Vineyards, a family-owned property that is home to a winery and vineyards, a golf course, restaurant, and a handful of unique facilities for hosting weddings and special events.

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